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Transformación Botella Plastica

Polyester Yarn (DTY)

Made from recycled
PET Bottles

In order to create a great product, we have improved everything around it.

We believe in transformation
Better processes
Better quality
Better values
Better actions
That together, create a better world
Better in all ways.

ecofil® in action


  • Denier: From 75 to 150
  • Filament counts: 36, 48, 70, 72,96 and 140
  • Ply: 1ply, 2ply, 3ply
  • Semidull, full dull or bright
  • Solution dyed
  • Heather
  • Stretch or set
  • Torsion S or Z
  • Covered Yarn (Spandex)
Global Recycled Standard